SGT111 DOD Military USB Common Access Card

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Who Would Buy This: Mobile and desktop clients looking for a great, steadfast Cac Card Reader.


The Sgt111 Usb Cac Smart Card Reader is substantially acknowledged the industry standard the extent that Cac book fans are concerned. It is cheap and works incredible.

The Sgt111 works well with Activclient, Ako, Owa, Dko, Nko, Gko, Marinenet, Af Portal, Pure Edge Viewer, Approveit, Dts, Lps, and others.

It is little enough to be effortlessly conveyed while voyaging.

It’s shine dark complete make it straightforward to spot an unattended card. Handy for assisting those that are continually overlooking them.



The Sgt111 Usb Smart Card Reader is modest, looks and wo...

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Price: 25.98

Date: May 01, 2013


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