Top selling 5 card reader review 2014

Card readers are not difficult to find. But best ones are not easy to find as they are used to be. If you go shopping for a card reader then you will see a lot of usb card readers from different brands that have the logo representing best quality embedded on them. But very few of them will provide the long term value that you wish to have.

There has been a lot of blog posts and lots of talking online about how people are getting annoyed by low quality usb card readers that only creates bitter experience for the users. And the number of such complaints are increasing day by day.

Recently I reviewed some of the latest and best selling card readers in the market. Some of them were excellent whereas others where just a waste of money for the customers. So today I will be sharing with you a review about the bestselling high quality card readers that you will love and can use for a long long time.

SGT111 DOD Millitary USB and SCM SCR331 USB common access

If you are looking for the top quality CAC (Common access card) reader then the SGT111 usb card reader is the perfect one for you. It has all the data needed to perfectly identify a CAC issued by any defense team from Army to Reserves. It is highly compatible with all the popular operating systems and there has been no problem issued regarding the hardware till now. You can connect the device with USB 2.0 port that works fast and with perfection. On leading online shops I have seen great recommendation for this excellent cac reader from the customers who have already ordered this reader and using it right now.

Besides SGT111, if you are looking for something else with a change in taste and design then you should give the SCM SC331 USB common access card reader a try. It has the simplest design and the quality of this reader is approved by TAA. Such approval guarantees that you will be getting an excellent service from this device for a long time. It has all the hardware and OS flexibility that one could ask for in a device.

SCM Microsystems SCR3310 and Kodak A250 50-In-1

If you are looking for a versatile card reader for your all sorts of memory card reading and writing works then SCR3310 from SCM or Kodak a250 are two of the best choice to go for in the market. These two readers are designed in a way so that you can read or write information in your memory card using just a single reader. And what’s more? Both of them are perfectly suitable to use with windows and Mac.

As a versatile card reader, on an average the SCR3310 is rated 4.5 out of 5 in top online retail stores and the reviews clearly suggests that people who have ordered this device and currently using it are highly satisfied with its performance.

The same goes for Kodak a250 as well. The best thing about this reader is that it has the latest plug and play feature integrated into it. As thus there no need of installing drivers for it. The shape of Kodak a250 is designed in a way to make sure that you can easily and quickly use it without any hassle. The customer reviews found in top online retail stores have left wonderful reviews of this little gadget that clearly proves that this is an A1 device that is built to serve you for a long long time.

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